Express Ilustrowany: 300 000 of people attending Light. Move. Festival.

October 13th 2014

More than 300 000 of people watched the Festival of Light in Łodź over the weekend.
The colours changing at the facades of tenement houses were admired not only by citizens but also by the tourists. “I was at the Piotrkowska Street every evening, and the real crowds were there with me. It is hard to evaluate the accurate number of participants, but according to the calculations of public services it was about 300 000 people”, said Hanna Zdanowska – the President of City of Łódź. The city is already thinking about the next edition. As the crowds managed to block the traffic at Piotrkowska Street, including the other areas of the city in the festival illumination program is taken under consideration, so the Piotrkowska Street could take a breath. There is also an idea of preparing the parking places out of the city centre so the participants could be taken to the festival area by the public transport.
“At the festival we had the foreign artists from France, Germany, Hungary and Great Britain. It was so nice for us to hear them saying that the atmosphere they felt in Łódź was not met in any other place in the world. It seems to me, that nothing more beautiful could happened”, said Beata Konieczniak from Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation, originator of the festival.

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